Protecting people and processes in connection with hazardous materials has always been important.

Maintaining safe operating conditions, however, has been made more challenging because of a business climate that places a premium on just-in-time supply as well as the ability to switch product lines, manufacturing locations or both in response to the ever-changing demands of the marketplace.

Haz-Safe’s buildings are pre-engineered and pre-manufactured as complete whole shippable units or multiple modular units shipped separately and reassembled on site.

Up to 100% of the building and pre-installed components and equipments can be completed and tested at the factory before shipping.

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Haz-Safe Buildings may be specified with any combination of fire, blast, anti-projectile, sound and insulation rating. Factory Mutual has approved thousands of pre-dimenisoned models per FM‘s 2009 Standard 6049 for both Non- and Damage Limiting Construction Categories up to 1,500 Sq. Ft.


Whether it’s fitting a modular building through a 7-foot door or shipping a unit half way around the world, Haz-Safe hazardous materials buildings can meet the varied needs of customers who use hazardous materials in their processes.


Haz-Safe offers a wide variety of products, from steel containment sumps to storage and material handling, and fire-rated steel cabinets to other custom building components to suit your specific needs.